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HMRC internal manual

EC Preferences: Exports to Turkey

Control: retrospective and duplicate issue of movement certificates

(Referred to in ECPET04400)

  1. Retrospective certificates

Applications for retrospective Forms EUR1/EUR-MED/A.TR must be made to either Salford (postal applications only), an Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers or a Chambers of Commerce. They must include:

* the exporter's written explanation of failure to make timely application
* a declaration that a certificate has not previously been issued
* a completed movement certificate with 'ISSUED RETROSPECTIVELY' in the Remarks Box: (Box 8 for A.TR; Box 7 for EUR1/EUR-MED), and
* in the case of A.TR's the manual export declaration or the pre-shipment document, a copy of either of these documents or sufficient information to identify the NES declaration.

In cases of doubt exporters or their agents may be invited to furnish any correspondence or other documentary evidence to support their case. You should bear in mind the information at the bullet points below:

* you must be sure that a pre-shipment manual or NES declaration was delivered and accepted, by checking against the load list or other records
* if the exporter's explanation is accepted, the movement certificate is to be scrutinised and processed under the directions of ECPET05050 and ECPET05100 as appropriate and, if acceptable, authenticated. The exporter's explanation and declaration are to be filed with the duplicate movement certificate; and
* where in the case of a request for a retrospective A.TR a pre-shipment declaration was required, and the trader has not satisfactorily shown that such a declaration was delivered and accepted before shipment you should refuse the request and take action regarding the failure to pre-enter the goods.
  1. Duplicate movement certificates

Exporters who require duplicates of lost movement certificates must make written application to the UK Authenticating Office where the original was issued, submitting a completed duplicate form.

* The application must give sufficient details to identify the original document, explain its loss and undertake to surrender it immediately if it is found.
* In order to facilitate tracing the filed copy of the original movement certificate, exporters or their agents may be asked for any details they may have of the number and date of issue of the original certificate, or for a copy of the export declaration (which, if supplied, is to be returned to them after official use).
* If a duplicate of a pre-authorised movement certificate is requested the approved exporter should include their file copy of the original certificate with their application.
* If you are satisfied, the duplicate movement certificate is to be checked against the filed copy of that previously issued and, if in order, be authenticated. The new movement certificate is to be given the same registration number and completed in identical terms, including the date, as the certificate originally issued. Box 8 (A.TR) or Box 7 (EUR1/EUR-MED) is to be marked 'Duplicate'.
* The record of movement certificates is to be noted against the original number, that a duplicate has been issued.
* The new copy together with the trader's explanation is to be filed with the copy of the original movement certificate. This includes copies of the pre-authorised certificates.