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HMRC internal manual

Double Taxation Relief Manual

Double Taxation Relief Manual: recent changes

Below are details of the amendments that were published on 2 February 2006 (see the update index for all updates).

Section Title and details of the update
DT16151-52 Russia: Title and small amendment
DT16153-57 Russia: Small amendment
DT16160 Russia: Small amendment
DT16170.1 Russia: Title
DT16170.10-DT16170.14 Russia: Title and amendments
DT16252 Rwanda: New page
DT16452-56 St Lucia: Page has been deleted
DT16457 St Lucia: New page
DT16500-01 St Vincent: Small amendments
DT16502-07 St Vincent: Page has been deleted
DT16650-51 Senegal: Title and amendments
DT16652 Senegal: New page
DT16700 Seychelles: Title and amendments
DT16702 Seychelles: Small amendments
DT16703 Seychelles: New page
DT16750-51 Sharjah: Title and amendment
DT16800 Sierra Leone: Amendments
DT16801 Sierra Leone: Page has been deleted
DT16802 Sierra Leone: Title and amendment
DT16803-04 Sierra Leone: Amendments
DT16806 Sierra Leone: Page has been deleted
DT16807-08 Sierra Leone: Amendments
DT16809 Sierra Leone: New page
DT16850-56 Sierra Leone: Small amendments
DT16857 Sierra Leone: Title and small amendment
DT16858-65 Sierra Leone: Small amendments
DT16900 Singapore: Amendments
DT16901 Singapore: Page has been deleted
DT16902 Singapore: Title and small amendment
DT16903-12 Singapore: Amendments
DT16913 Singapore: New page
DT16950-69 Singapore: New page
DT16971-80 Singapore: New page
DT16980/1 - DT16980/30 Singapore: Page has been deleted
DT17000-01 Slovak Republic: Title and amendment
DT17100 Slovenia: Title and amendment
DT17101 Slovenia: Amendment
DT17102 Slovenia: Title and amendment
DT17200 Solomon Islands: Amendments
DT17201 Solomon Islands: Page has been deleted
DT17202-07 Solomon Islands: Amendments
DT17240 Solomon Islands: New page
DT17251-56 Solomon Islands: Small amendments
DT17257 Solomon Islands: Title and small amendment
DT17258-65 Solomon Islands: Small amendments
DT17300-01 Somalia: Title and small amendments
DT17302 Somalia: New page
DT17351-53 South Africa: Amendments
DT17354 South Africa: Title and amendments
DT17355 South Africa: Amendments
DT17357 South Africa: Amendments
DT17401-13 South Africa: Amendments
DT17414 South Africa: Title and amendments
DT17415 South Africa: Amendment
DT17416 South Africa: Title and amendment
DT17417 South Africa: Amendment
DT17418-25 South Africa: Amendments
DT17450-51 Soviet Union: Amendment
DT17453 Soviet Union: Page has been deleted
DT17452 Soviet Union: Title and amendment
DT17454-55 Soviet Union: Small amendments
DT17456 Soviet Union: Title
DT17457 Soviet Union: Title
DT17458 Soviet Union: Amendment
DT17506 Soviet Union: Small amendment
DT17550-54 Spain: Amendment
DT17555 Spain: Page has been deleted
DT17690 Sri Lanka: New page
DT17940 Swaziland: New page
DT18202 Syria: New page
DT18752 Togo: New page
DT18940 Trinidad & Tobago: New page
DT19040 Tunisia: New page
DT19140 Turkey: New page
DT19752 United Arab Emirates: New page
DT19942 Uruguay: New page
DT19959 Uzbekistan: Small amendment