DIPPRIV9300 - Appendices: completion of C426

Section 1 - Declaration Name and address of the Entitled Mission or International Organisation must be entered at this part. Along with declaration on use of goods. Head of Mission/Organisation must sign and date.
Section 2 - Release from Customs or Excise warehouse Name and full address of warehouse must be provided on this part of the form.
Section 3 - Release from Customs control At this part the name of port/airport/inland clearance depot must be provided along with details of vessel/flight and bill of lading/airway bill number.\nName and address of the clearing agent must be provided at this part.
Section4 - Release of motor vehicle This part must be completed if the application relate to a motor vehicle.\nVehicle specification as requested on the form must be provided.
Section 5 - Goods Full description and quantity of goods must be provided in this area where application is not for a motor vehicle.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) certification FCO certification required on application prior to presentation to HMRC for release of goods shown on form.