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HMRC internal manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual: recent changes

Below are details of the amendments that were published on 20 August 2013 (see the update index for all updates)

Page Details of update  
DMBM201580 Amended SA Payment Helpline (DMTC) phone number from 0845 366 1204 to 0300 200 3822  
DMBM520020 Updated entire page on PAYE schemes and types  
DMBM520025 Incorporated guidance on RTI return submissions  
DMBM520030 Updated some of the definitions of roles and responsibilities of the work areas involved in PAYE  
DMBM520035 Updated descriptions of PAYE IT systems and incorporated new items such as ChRIS, ETMP, NPS and so on  
DMBM520075 Amended ‘Clerical reallocations and repayments’ section  
DMBM520205 Amended guidance on PAYE segmentation bands and requirements to pay and file electronically  
DMBM523740 Added more information on regulations surrounding the electronic payment and filing of PAYE  
DMBM523820 Updated table of PAYE BROCS forms and functions  
DMBM523830 Deleted page of miscellaneous PAYE forms as obsolete  
DMBM523840 Amended the Welsh language form phone number from 0845 302 1489 to 0300 200 1900  
DMBM523850 Updated VIMU’s email address  
DMBM525020 Added further detail to the bullet points on the different classes of NIC  
DMBM525040 Updated NICO address for loose NI stamps  
DMBM531010 Updated introduction on VAT deregistered customers and incorporated non-written notification process  
DMBM531310 Amended introduction to VAT repayments customers slightly to incorporate sentence on ‘Screen R1’  
DMBM531320 Amended guidance on the VAT repayment enforcement run  
DMBM531330 Removed reference to computer issued letters (ED 604A or 604B) from the ‘Withholding repayments’ section  
DMBM560520 Added Croatia into the table of countries covered by the two EU regulations applicable to Social Security Debts, and amended the note on other countries below the table  
DMBM570200 Added more guidance to the ‘Debt Technical Office action’ section relating to Regulation 80 determinations  
DMBM618410 Amended TC Campaign (DMTC) phone number from 0845 302 1421 to 0300 200 3801  
DMBM800520 Amended Business Payment Support Service phone number from 0845 302 1435 to 0300 200 3835  
DMBM802200 Removed sections on ‘Other HMRC debts’ and ‘TTP request for 12 months or less’ from tax credits TTP guidance  
Contacts and feedback Added guidance on the publishing cycle of the DMBM