HMRC internal manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual

DMBM802130 - Time To Pay requests: Corporate Debt Questionnaire

The Corporate Debt Questionnaire (Word 166KB) is a document that consists of 21 questions where we record:

  • why the company cannot pay
  • what the company’s banking facilities are
  • what the company has done to raise money
  • what the company does
  • what changes the company is making
  • what debtors and creditors the business has
  • what the company thinks they can afford to pay
  • how the company thinks they can repay the debt and pay their on-going liabilities on time.

The information on the Corporate Debt Questionnaire must be obtained over the telephone and the Corporate Debt Questionnaire must not be sent out for completion by the customer. The Corporate Debt Questionnaire is not intended to be used as a fixed script, instead it acts as a prompt to aid discussion. It is also a standardised form for recording details of TTP requests that makes it easy for authorising officers to quickly review information on a particular request.