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HMRC internal manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual

Enforcement action: county court proceedings: fees, costs and charges: county court fees - enforcement

Enforcement in the county court

Description Fees
8.1 On an application for or in relation to enforcement of a judgment or order of the County Court or through the County Court, by the issue of a warrant of control against goods except a warrant to enforce payment of a fine:  
1. in cases other than CCBC cases £100
1. in CCBC cases. £70
8.2 On a request for a further attempt at execution of a warrant at a new address following a notice of the reason for non-execution (except a further attempt following suspension and CCBC cases brought by Centre users). £30
8.3 On an application for an order requiring a judgment debtor or other person to attend court to provide information in connection with enforcement of a judgment or order. £50
  1. On an application for a third party debt order or the appointment of a receiver by way of equitable execution. £100  
      1. On an application for a charging order. £110
      Fee 8.4 (a) is payable in respect of each third party against whom the order is sought.  
      Fee 8.4 (b) is payable in respect of each charging order applied for.  
      8.5 On an application for a judgment summons. £100
      8.6 On the issue of a warrant of possession or a warrant of delivery. £110
      Where the recovery of a sum of money is sought in addition, no further fee is payable.  
      8.7 On an application for an attachment of earnings order (other than a consolidated attachment of earnings order) to secure payment of a judgment debt. £100
      Fee 8.7 is payable for each defendant against whom an order is sought.  
      Fee 8.7 is not payable where the attachment of earnings order is made on the hearing of a judgment summons.  
      8.8 On a consolidated attachment of earnings order or on an administration order. For every £1 or part of a £1 of the money paid into court in respect of debts due to creditors - 10p
      Fee 8.8 is calculated on any money paid into court under any order at the rate in force at the time when the order was made (or, where the order has been amended, at the time of the last amendment before the date of payment).  
      8.9 On an application for the enforcement of an award for a sum of money or other decision made by any court, tribunal, body or person other than the High Court or the County Court. £40
      No fee is payable on:  
      * an application for an extension of time to serve a statutory declaration or a witness statement in connection with any such order; or  
      * a request to issue a warrant of control to enforce any such order.  
      8A.1 On a request for service by a bailiff of an order to attend court for questioning. £100