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HMRC internal manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual

Debt and return pursuit: contract settlements: DTO/EIS - transferring work items

Transferring work items

New contract settlement work items will continue to appear on the following worklists

  • C/W Miscellaneous for DTOs
  • C/W Registration Officer for EIS
  • SAFE Local Action Worklist for NTC contract settlements in DTOs.

From March 2007, all new NTC contract settlement work items are directed to Local Action Worklists in DTOs. Managers must ensure that these work items are transferred to the NDPU on a weekly basis at least.

Settlements on worklists other than C/W MISCELLANEOUS

When you are transferring a work item that is held on any other work list than C/W Miscellaneous you must move it to the C/W Miscellaneous work list before you affect the transfer.

For NTC cases on the SAFE Local Action Worklist you should key them on to the IDMS C/W Miscellaneous work list manually.

Create a profile on IDMS

Create IDMS Profiles to identify Contract Settlement entries currently on worklists.

Cases will appear on the C/W Miscellaneous work list with a next action of “New”. Identify these cases by filtering the worklist.


From the profile bar select

  • select Refine ( you will see the PROFILE List)
  • select MENU and then NEW
  • key in a profile name for example ‘Class 1 IS’.

The NEW PROFILE Name screen will be displayed

  • select from the drop down menu (in this example Class 1 Investigation Settlement):

    • WI Type is equal to
    • Class 1 Investigation Settlement
    • Class 1A Investigation Settlement
    • Class 2 Investigation Settlement
    • Class 3 Investigation Settlement
    • Class 6 Investigation Settlement
    • PAYE Settlement Agreement
  • click OK this will save the profile and you will be returned to the profile list
  • select profile ‘Class 1 IS)
  • select EXIT.

A work list with all Class 1 Investigation settlements will be displayed;

  • transfer the contract settlement Work Items to Northampton DTO using Transfer Ownership on IDMS.

Once the contract settlements Profiles are set up for each Investigation Settlement type you can use this weekly by:

From the menu bar select Work List

  • select Refine.

You will see the PROFILE LIST

  • select profile Class 1 IS.

Cases suitable for transfer

From the C/W Miscellaneous work list, you should transfer all suitable work items to Northampton DTO.

If you hold relevant papers forward these with the Transfer Facing sheet to the unit at the address above.

Use transfer ownership on IDMS

From IDMS TIS Open Work item tab

  • Highlight the contract settlement work item(s) (or the master if exceptionally it is linked set of contract settlements)

From the menu options either 

  • select ‘’Work Item’’
  • select ‘’Transfer’’ or
  • click on Toolbar Button.


  • check ‘’Transfer selected WI(s) only’’ radio button.

If you have papers to forward to the NDPU:

  • select ‘’Transfer Facing Sheet’’. (this will be printed locally) and
  • attach it to the front of the papers you are forwarding to the NDPU.

The work items will be transferred immediately to the NDPU.