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HMRC internal manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual

Debt and return pursuit: Child Benefit overpayments: recovery from continuing entitlement: weekly paid cases recovery near an end

Weekly paid recovery cases are brought out on BF as a code 9 the week before recovery is due to end. This is to issue the balance of any Child Benefit entitlement due for the final week of recovery. The case is then put back into BF for the following week when recovery will be complete.

Action to take on a BF code 9 when recovery is near an end

OPREC Action

  • Update OPREC Notepad “BF 9 code 56 issued for final payment“.
  • Set OPREC BF code 9.
  • Set the BF date for the following Mon or Tues (mirroring the Child Benefit payday).

CBOL action

Open the ‘corres’ indicator on CBOL by using dialogue 3 and transaction number 2.

CBUS Action

  • Select ‘C’ screen – ‘instrument of payment code’.
  • Enter IOP code 56.
  • Enter the final amount to be deducted.
  • Enter start date (always use a Monday).
  • Enter ‘C’ in pay code.
  • Select ‘E’ screen (consider uprating).
  • Click on ‘questions’ tab at the top of the page.
  • Select ‘yes’ from the ‘is the case to be cleared’ dropdown menu.
  • For ‘misc BF date’, enter a date one month after the end of recovery.
  • Select ‘update’.