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HMRC internal manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual

Debt and return pursuit: CIS: IDMS and new CIS

CIS penalties and CIS return work items will be pursued following the campaign strategy in place at the time. A campaign plan will be produced for DMB staff to follow at the appropriate time.

CIS interface to IDMS

Once the return work item is held in IDMS, CIS will update IDMS with all changes including designatory details or changes to signals daily via an overnight batch (Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays).


There isn’t a direct interface between IDMS and CIS. If you make any updates on IDMS, for example Taxpayers address, postcode, or RLS state, IDMS will update BROCS. BROCS will pass this information to Employer Business Service (EBS) frameworks and CIS takes its designatory details from EBS Frameworks.

CIS Returns IDMS Reference numbers

When a CIS return work item moves into IDMS the reference number will be similar to an In- Year PAYE reference with the exception that the month of the return will appear as part of the ASN and the reference number will always end with a C to differentiate between other types of work items; for example, 123PA123456 200702 C.

ASN is the tax year 2006-07 and the month of the Return 02 followed by C, for example, for the return due by the 19 June 2006.

Returns tick sheet

The returns tick sheet helps you:

  • recognise outstanding CIS returns on IDMS
  • identify which month the return relates to.

To use the CIS003 Excel returns tick sheet you should:

  • check IDMS TIS to identify the return year and month
  • match this information to column 1
  • follow the row across to the blank box
  • look above the blank box to the top row to identify the appropriate CIS month.

For example, 2008 04C relates to the 5 August 2007.

IDMS User roles

In addition to the existing user roles currently available in IDMS there will be a new user role C/W CIS available to DMB staff.

CIS Addresses on IDMS

If the contractor has requested that a specific address should be used for correspondence relating to CIS, then this address is held on the CIS computer system and called the CIS Communication Address. This address, together with the HMRC Base address, will be sent to and will be visible on IDMS. To view this address:

  • select ‘Others’ tab.

Note that the CIS address is not updateable on IDMS or BROCS. If you need to update this it can be done on CIS.