HMRC internal manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual

DMBM510230 - Customer contact and data security: confidentiality: disclosing information


When it comes to disclosure of any personal or protected information from any of our systems, you must be as sure as possible that you are speaking to an authorised person who is entitled to that information. You must complete verification checks prior to any disclosure, see DMBM512800.

Third parties

When dealing with third party disclosure there are different rules depending on if you are speaking to an authorised third party or a non authorised third party, for full information on this see DMBM511600.

For information on customers writing in to provide authority, see DMBM512210.

Cases of doubt

If you at all in any doubt if to disclose the information, then it is better not to disclose and ask the person to write in or if appropriate, you can write to them. You can refer to the DMB Campaigns intranet site for a list of the ongoing campaigns where you can obtain the current correspondence address for each campaign and HoD. If this is not available, you can visit the DMB contact details page to view the head of duty campaign Single Point of Contact (SPoC) office address instead.