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HMRC internal manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual

Payment Allocation, Overpayments and Repayments: Self Assessment: Transfer from SA to OAS: Procedures

To transfer a credit from SA to OAS follow the steps below.

Preliminary enquiry

  1. Where an amount is to be transferred to OAS for repayment and the PCA signal is set, consult the Debt Pursuit Office to confirm the repayment can go ahead

Operator action to transfer to OAS

  1. Use function VIEW STATEMENT to indicate your chosen credit entry from which you want the transfer to take place. Where possible, you should always make the transfer from a credit balance (credit entry type ‘TBAL’). Read the explanation below if you need to transfer all or part of a specific payment and are unsure of the interest and RPS consequences of this action


If you have to transfer all or part of a specific payment be sure you understand the interest and RPS consequences, of making the transfer. You should be particularly careful where

* there is a credit balance on the record and / or
* the transfer will result in the discharge of a paid interest charge

In these circumstances inappropriate amounts of interest and RPS may be created on the customer record. To avoid inappropriate interest and RPS being created, transfer any credit balance and / or interest payment to OAS before you transfer all or part of a specific payment.

To make the transfers to OAS

Follow the steps below for each credit to be transferred starting with

      1. Any credit balance on the customer SA record, and then
    1. Any amount credited to interest that is about to be discharged, followed by
    2. All or part of a specific payment you need to transfer from SA

Remember to follow the strict sequence above and to provide the office with accounting responsibility with a screen print and disposal instructions for each amount you transfer

If you are unclear about the interest and RPS consequences refer to your line manager who can contact the SA Business Helpdesk for more information.

  1. Use the transfer to OAS functions selected by the system to make the transfer to OAS
  2. Where the full amount is to be repaid indicate in that function that the amount is for ‘Repayment’, otherwise show the reason for transfer as ‘Action’
  3. Complete a form SA331 showing the OAS reference and full disposal instructions and attach to it
* any authority to repay

Note: The precise details to be provided where inappropriate interest and RPS is being removed are shown in DMBM210180 and DMBM210185

* the customer’s authority where there is a request to repay to a third party
  1. Where the amount being transferred to OAS is to be held pending further instructions
* indicate on the form SA331 the date by which you intend to provide full details in the disposal instructions
* B/F the item and take the necessary follow up action
  1. Pass the form SA331 and any papers attached to your authorising officer
  2. Keep a note of the OAS reference and use IRIS function COAS if you want to view progress of the OAS item.

Action by authorising officer

  1. Confirm that the amount transferred and disposal instructions are complete and correct.
  2. Sign and date the form SA331 to authorise the disposal
  3. Pass the papers to the operator responsible for dealing with the OAS credit in the DMB Banking office indicated on the screen print

Note: There is no facility to transfer a payment direct between two SA customers. Any such transfer requires two movements, one into and the other out of OAS.