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HMRC internal manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual

Maintain charges (financial) by IT system: Maintain charge (financial) in SAFE: Transfer payments from SAFE to OAS

There is no automatic repayment from SAFE to the customer. Any payment found to be properto a customer record on another HoD system, or requiring repayment must initially betransferred to OAS.

Payments can only be allocated to OAS from Unallocated Payments on the SAFE CustomerAccount Record (CAR) which can be viewed on the Unallocated Payments Worklist. The SAFEUnit deal with all transfers of payments between and from SAFE accounts. Where a paymentheld on the Unmatched Payment Worklist requires reallocation/repayment from SAFE it mustbe done from a CAR. If no CAR exists and it is not possible to create one using dataimported from the Corporate Data Framework the user will have to create one (see DMBM101010). This is achieved by using the next available pseudopre computer/legacy reference held by the SAFE Team and inputting the name and addressdetails. The payment is reallocated from Unmatched Payments to Unallocated Payments on thenew CAR using the function Manage Unmatched Payment.

Once the payment is held in Unallocated Payments it is transferred to OAS by selecting theOAS transfer function within Manage Unallocated Payments. The payment is marked toindicate that it is either proper for repayment or is to be held for further reallocationto another HoD. Items are transferred to OAS in an overnight Batch Process. Instructionsfor dealing with the payment should be passed to the OAS team.

Items transferred to OAS from SAFE will appear on the OAS Daily Statement in the rangeH00001 – H99999. Items for repayment will appear with an “In-posting codeREP”. Items to be held waiting further reallocation will appear with an“In-posting code DHO”.

The SAFE Unit deal with all aspects of the work relating to the OAS “H” Range.

No repayment interest will be calculated by SAFE as part of this process. But anypreviously credited repayment interest can be included in the amounts transferred to OAS.