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HMRC internal manual

Debt Management and Banking Manual

Customer Accounting Records: Create Customer Accounting Record (CAR) in OPREC

When a new customer record is added to the OPREC system it must be added to the database which holds the alphabetical range for the customer name.

Creating a customer record using a known NINO

When a user needs to create a new record in OPREC they will select “New” from the file menu bar. The new customer screen will appear. The user will enter the NINO and on the returned screen will input the customer details.

Partner or appointee details need only be input where recovery is to be pursued from benefit paid to a partner/appointee. There is no facility to input a partner’s child benefit reference number but this can be entered on the notepad.

If the date of birth is not known a default value of 1/1/48 should be used.

If the postcode is not known a dummy code should be used.

Creating a customer record where the NINO is not known

Where a genuine NINO is not known a temporary NINO can be used to create a customer record. All temporary NINOs begin with the letter Z. The next available temporary NINO is selected by clicking on the open button on the tool bar and pressing Z on the keyboard. All temporary NINOs will be displayed. The next available temporary NINO should be allocated to the customer.

If after allocating a temporary NINO the genuine NINO is found, a user with the Supervisor function will be required to change the NINO on the database.

Third party recovery

If an overpayment charge arises on a Child Benefit account and the individual that incurred the charge is not the Child Benefit customer, the overpayment will be recovered from the third party. In such cases the overpayment charge will be shown on OPREC under the third party NINO and the third party name and address. For reference the Child Benefit customer’s number should be shown on the notepad.