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HMRC internal manual

COTAX Manual

Payments: payments work lists: payments after cessation list (CPYT) (Action Guide)

To deal with cases on the Payments After Cessation List in the responsible office consider steps 1 - 11 below. The guide is presented as follows.

Initial action Step 1
Establishing the correct allocation Steps 2 - 5
Company ceased / struck off Steps 6 - 10
To delete a case from the CPYT Work List Step 11

Initial action

1. Use function CPYT (Payments After Cessation List) to display the work list, select the entry you want to work and use the [View] button to see all available details for the case.

Establishing the correct allocation

| 2. | Check the Companies House website to ensure that the cessation or striking off date is correct. | || | 3. | If the company has not ceased: | |   | * use function ACTP (Amend CT Payer Details) to remove the date dissolved/struck off or date ceased * use function MAPD (Maintain AP Dates) to amend the AP record of the company if necessary * refer the case to a CT Co-ordinator to review for any further action * go to step 11. | | 4. | If the company has ceased but the cessation or striking off date is incorrect: | |   | * use function ACTP (Amend CT Payer Details) to amend the cessation or striking off date * go to step 6. | | 5. | If there is no information about the payment on COTAX, contact the company if it exists, or the former directors or agent if it has been struck off, to find out the correct allocation of the payment. | |   | If they cannot help and the payment was made by cheque, ask the CT Unit Cumbernauld to review the payslip and any associated papers that were received with the payment. | |   | * If the shows payment is allocated to the wrong company, ask the CT Unit Cumbernauld to reallocate the payment to the correct company using function REAW (Reallocate Within COTAX). See COM122090 for more information. | |   | * Go to step 11. |

Company ceased / struck off

6. Use VPPD (View Payment and Posting Details) screens COT215D and COT215E to find any outstanding COTAX liability for this company against which you can allocate the payment.
7. If an incorporated company has been struck off and we subsequently receive any voluntary payments from other parties such as ex-directors, shareholders or agents:
  * use function VPPD (View Payments & Postings Details) to check all the AP records for any outstanding liabilities
  * use function REWD (Direct Reallocation Within COTAX) to reallocate part or all of the overpayment to any APs with an outstanding liability, including any recently remitted sums
  * where there are no outstanding CT liabilities, check for outstanding liabilities on other heads of duty:
  * where there are, go to step 8
  * where there are not, go to step 9.
8. To reallocate the overpayment to another head of duty:
  * use function REOD (Direct Reallocation Out of COTAX - District) class 1 - hold for reallocation
  * complete and send form CT251 to the CT Unit in Cumbernauld giving instructions on where the overpayment should be reallocated.
  See COM120100 for guidance on completing the form CT251.
9. Where there are no outstanding liabilities on any other head of duty, return any overpayments to the person that paid them.
  For further advice on handling payments made before or after striking off, see the Bona Vacantia Guidance (BVG) in the intranet library.
10. If you cannot trace the payer and have exhausted all other possibilities to reallocate or repay an overpayment, use REOD (Direct Reallocation Out of COTAX - District) to reallocate the overpayment to permanent overpayment (POP) into OAS Class 5 (This content has been withheld because of exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act 2000)

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To delete a case from the CPYT Work List

11. Select the [Delete] button to delete the case.