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HMRC internal manual

COTAX Manual

Enquiries: CTSA enquiries: functions

The table below tells you the function or functions to use in particular situations.

Situation Function
To calculate interest on notional amounts and dates. CINT (Compute Interest)
To capture a CT return. CRTN (Capture Return)
To view details of an assessment. DASS (Display Assessment Details)
To check details of the company’s APs including the status of the ‘enquiry in progress’ signal, ‘the company is part of a group that is not small’ signal and the AP selected for ‘random enquiry’ signal. DAPD (Display AP Details)
To repay an overpayment, repay a specific amount and make the repayment by Bacs or payable order to the company, a capacitor or a nominee. DIRR (Direct Repayment)
To record appeals against assessments or amendments and penalties, record postponement applications, record informal standovers and issue appeal / postponement acknowledgements. HAPP (Handle Appeal)
To record the receipt of a return. LRTN (Log Return)
To amend the AP record and set up dormant and exempt periods. MAPD (Maintain AP Dates)
To stop COTAX repaying and / or reallocating money automatically, to or from a single AP of a company, enter or amend details of an enquiry in progress for an AP, manually set or unset the RFI (Word 31KB)CII (Word 32KB) or ‘quarterly payer’ signal and the ‘credit debit interest inhibit’ indicator. or to view automatic inhibitions for repayments only. MAPS (Maintain AP Signals)
To set or unset the ‘no penalty required’ signal, or the penalty inhibitor. MPEN (Maintain Penalty Signals)
To stop COTAX repaying and / or reallocating money automatically, to or from any AP of a company. MRSC (Maintain Repay / Realloc Signals (Company))
To see a work list of cases where a penalty determination needs to be made or amended. PENR (Penalties Requiring Review List)
To make or amend a penalty determination. PPEN (Prepare Penalty Determination)
To record a self assessment, make, reduce to nil, or reinstate a revenue determination, correct a return, record a taxpayer amendment, process a claim,prepare a closure notice with revenue amendment, prepare a revenue amendment, prepare / amend a discovery assessment or prepare a jeopardy amendment. RAMA (Record / Amend Assessment)
To reallocate an overpayment from COTAX to OAS. REOD (Direct Reallocation Out of COTAX)
To reallocate an overpayment from one COTAX AP to another COTAX AP. REWD (Direct Reallocation Within COTAX)
To record an informal discharge. RINF (Record Informal Discharge)
To obtain a calculation of repayment interest arising for a specific period on a specific amount. RINT (Request Repayment Interest Calculation)
To reissue assessing output when the original is returned RLS or was not received by the company. RRAS (Request Reissue of Assessment)
To delete the record of a return logged for the wrong period. URTN (Unlog Return)
To see details of charges, payments and repayments, and a summary of the accounting position, for an AP. VPPD (View Payment and Posting Details)