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CT online services: CT online services overview: common questions asked by companies and agents

Companies and agents naturally have queries about aspects of online filing. Here we show some of the more common questions you may be asked and the answers to them.

I am using commercial software. Can I use the joint filing process?

No, only companies who are able to use the HMRC product can use the process to joint file to HMRC and Companies House.

Can I access the joint filing process from the Companies House website?

No, the customer should use the link from the Companies House website to access the HMRC website to joint file.

I am an agent. Can I file for a client without a 64-8 in place?

If an agent does not have a 64-8 in place for their client, they can submit a return as a filing only agent, but only by using commercial software.

My company is registered as an Industrial and Provident Society or a Credit Union and I cannot enter my registration number, for example IP1234.

The customer does not need to enter the registration number. They should leave the Company Registration Number field blank.

My company or organisation does not have a Company Registration Number. What should I put in the CRN field?

The customer does not need to enter a registration number. They should leave the Company Registration Number field blank.

What sort of help can I get from the Online Service Helpdesk?

The Online Service Helpdesk is there to give help and support with online registration and software issues. They cannot help with tax technical problems relating to how to complete boxes in the accounts and computations. The customer should call 0300 200 3410 for advice.

Can I file my accounts in PDF format?

Only specific types of companies are allowed to file their accounts in PDF format. See the exemptions section of COM60040 to see who can use PDFs.

My online password doesn’t work.

The password sometimes doesn’t work if the customer has copied and pasted it. They should try typing it into the field and if it still doesn’t work, call the Online Services Helpdesk on 0300 200 3600.

I can’t file my return as it says I have already filed one.

This can happen when a return has been sent back as unsatisfactory and the original return hasn’t been cleared from the portal. Use function DRTN (Display Return Details) and View CT Returns. If you find an unsatisfactory return, use Function LRTN (Log Return) to log it and then function URTN (Unlog Return) to remove the original return from the system. The company should be able to file a return the next day. You can find more information at step 11 of the COM131041 Action Guide.

I have not received my activation or authentication code.

For the activation code, the customer should call the Online Services Helpdesk on 03000 200 3600.

The authentication code relates to joint filing and the customer needs to contact the Companies House Contact Centre on 0303 123 4500.

As an agent with an address abroad, can I register for online filing?

The agent can tick the address abroad box at step 5 of the registration process.

Do I have to file my amended return online?

No, it is possible but not mandatory to make an amendment online. It can be made on paper.

I am trying to file my return using the HMRC downloadable software. I have completed the accounts template but in the computations template I can’t find a box for an item in the accounts.

If a customer can’t use the computations template, they can still use the HMRC accounts service but need to use a managed tagging service for the computations. Alternatively, they can use a commercial package to file online.

Note: Customers can use the downloadable product only for APs ending on or before 31 December 2015.