HMRC internal manual

COTAX Manual

COM50093 - Claims / reliefs: loss and non-trading deficits carry-back: clerical interest indicator (Action Guide)

To check if the clerical interest indicator (CII (Word 32KB)) is set or to set it manually, consider steps 1 - 2 below.

This does not apply if the carry-back posting is a trading loss to an AP falling wholly within the previous 12 months as COTAX can handle the processing in these cases if the rate of tax charged has not changed.

1. Before you make or amend the assessment, use function DAPD (Display AP Details) to check if CII is set against the AP
2. If CII is not set, use function MAPS (Maintain AP Signals) to set the CII to ‘Y’ for the AP.
  Once an interest charge has been raised or amended clerically you cannot unset this signal.