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HMRC internal manual

COTAX Manual

Background: typical case examples: new company - S55 FA2004 information provided

A new company is incorporated and complies with the normal requirement to provide necessary information. The example covers live APs, dormant periods and the use of appropriate COTAX update functions.

The events are numbered in date order, and identified as follows.

  • Business Event - Action taken or arising outside HMRC.
  • Automatic Event - Automatic COTAX action within HMRC.
  • Procedural Action - Action taken by an operator.


Order & Type of Event Action(s) Taken
1 (Business Event) Co A Ltd formed and registered with Companies House.
2 (Automatic Event) COTAX record for Co A Ltd set up automatically from information provided by the data feed from Companies House.
3 (Automatic Event) COTAX assigns a UTR number, creates the first AP from the date of incorporation for 12 months and a second from the day after the end of the first period to the Accounting Reference Date and issues form CT41G to explain the information that the new company must supply.
4 (Business Event) Co A Ltd advises the responsible office that it is dormant with no immediate plans to trade.
5 (Procedural Action) CT Co-ordinator uses Function MAPD (Maintain AP Dates) to set a dormancy period of 5 years.
6 (Automatic Event) COTAX suspends issue of Notice to Deliver as the company is dormant.


Some time later…………….



7 (Business Event) Co A Ltd notifies HMRC that the business has started and it provides its first intended accounting date.
8 (Procedural Action) Clerical staff use function ACTP (Amend CT Payer Details) to enter date business commenced and accounts made up date. They receive a screen message that the AP record will not be amended automatically, as function MAPD was previously used by the CT Co-ordinator to set dormancy status, so refer the case to the CT Co-ordinator.
9 (Procedural Action) CT Co-ordinator uses function MAPD to amend AP record to show the revised period of dormancy and corrects the APs within the charge to CT.


Approximately one month after the end of the AP



10 (Automatic Event) COTAX issues a notice to deliver, calculates the filing date (Word 42KB), records the specified period and the issue of the notice to deliver and creates the next AP on the COTAX record.



  • COM33011 for a list of forms relevant to this subject
  • COM33012 for a list of functions to use in particular situations
  • COM33013 for legislation applying to this subject.