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HMRC internal manual

COTAX Manual

CT Pay and File: assessments: functions

The table below tells you the function or functions to use in particular situations.

Situation Function
To amend the company’s name and address and set or unset the RLS signal.  
Note: Company names and addresses are normally updated automatically by a data feed from Companies House. The company name and address on the COTAX record must always be the same as those held by Companies House ACNA (Amend Company Name / Address)  
  To enter a new agent, change of agent, client reference, period of responsibility, cessation of agent acting and receipt of form 64-8(New). AMAG (Add / Amend Agent)
  To capture a CT return. CRTN (Capture Return)
  To view details of an issued or draft assessment. DASS (Display Assessment Details)
  To check details of a company’s AP record. DAPD (Display AP Details)
  To amend the AP record and set up dormant and exempt periods. MAPD (Maintain AP Dates)
  To stop COTAX repaying and / or reallocating money automatically and to set the clerical interest indicator (CII (Word 32KB)) for a particular AP. MAPS (Maintain AP Signals)
  To stop COTAX repaying and / or reallocating money automatically, to or from any AP of a company. MRSC (Maintain Repay / Realloc Signals (Company))
  To make an assessment for a CT Pay and File AP showing only the sources of income and deductions that were shown on the return. PASR (Prepare Assessment Based On Return)
  To prepare a full assessment for a CT Pay and File AP, including estimates, amendments, adjustments and recording the issue of a manual assessment. PAST (Prepare Full Assessment)
  To make an estimated assessment for a CT Pay and File AP before the return is logged, reflecting only Case I or Case III profits and losses or unspecified total profits. PEST (Prepare Estimated Assessment)
  To make or amend a penalty determination PPEN (Prepare Penalty Determination)
  To change the Pursuit Status (Word 40KB) of an AP, set or unset the significant correspondence indicator, check next action and enter next action. RAPP (Revise AP Pursuit)
  To reissue an assessment only when the original is returned RLS or was not received by the company. RRAS (Request Reissue Of Assessment)
  To record a screening category for a CT Pay and File AP. SRTN (Screen Return)
  To see on which work lists, if any, a particular company appears. TAXW (Taxpayer Work Lists)
  To see details of charges, payments and repayments, and a summary of the accounting position for an AP. VPPD (View Payment and Posting Details)