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HMRC internal manual

COTAX Manual

Work lists: work lists: overview and management: notes for work list coordinator

Because COTAX is a well established system, most offices already have processes in place to make sure that work lists are worked effectively. Offices with staff who have less experience of COTAX may find the following useful.

The role of the work list coordinator is to ensure that work lists are reviewed and the work directed to the appropriate person.

We recommend the following process

  • Clerical staff carry out a regular selection procedure using the COTAX filter facility
  • An appropriate reviewing officer works the selected cases
  • The work list coordinator does a regular review to ensure that work lists are being properly worked

There are two important points to consider in this process

  • Who should carry out the various jobs
  • When they should be carried out. This depends on the particular work list, the likely number of entries and the number of officers carrying out the reviews

Both these decisions depend upon the size and organisation of your office.

Clerical staff should

  • Select cases meeting agreed criteria where there is either

    • No recorded B/F date


    • The recorded B/F date has passed
  • Use the [Print] button and pass the screen print to the reviewing officer

The reviewing officer should

  • Complete the necessary work

Or if it cannot be completed immediately

  • Enter a B/F date based on the expected date of settlement or further action required

You should ensure that

  • Cases are selected for review at the proper time
  • Reviews are being carried out
  • Realistic B/F dates are being entered

This usually involves a check of the oldest cases and on those where the B/F date seems to be unrealistically far into the future.