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HMRC internal manual

COTAX Manual

Returns / notices: return handling: functions

The table below tells you the function or functions to use in particular situations.

For details of how to access any of the COTAX Functions, select Index of Functions on the left of the screen.

Situation  Function 
To see a work list of cases requiring manual intervention to update the accounting period record. AAPR (Amend Accounting Period List)
  • amend the name or address of an unincorporated association or club
  • exceptionally, amend a company’s name or Registered Office address where it has not been updated automatically from the Companies House data feed or
  • to note that the Registered Office address is RLS.
Changes to a company’s name or address are normally made automatically using a data feed from Companies House. ACNA (Amend Company Name / Address)
  To enter or amend details other than the name and address, for example:
  • accounts made up date
  • date of incorporation
  • date of liquidation or striking off. ACTP (Amend CT Payer Details)  
      To capture the entries from a return after it has been logged. CRTN (Capture Return)
      To view a list of APs currently set up on a COTAX record. DAPD (Display AP Details)
      To view details of an issued or draft assessment. DASS (Display Assessment Details)
      To see a work list of cases for which a return has been logged but not yet captured. LRLC (Returns Requiring Capture List)
      To record the receipt of a return. LRTN (Log Return)
      To revise APs and set up periods of dormancy and exemption. MAPD (Maintain AP Dates)
  • stop COTAX repaying and / or reallocating money automatically, to or from a single AP of a company
  • enter or amend details of an Enquiry in Progress for an AP
  • manually set or unset the

    • ‘RFI’ signal
    • ‘CII’ (Word 32KB) signal
    • ‘quarterly instalment payer’ signal
    • ‘credit debit interest inhibit’ indicator
    • company type
    • ‘potential enquiry’ signal
  • view ‘automatic inhibitions for repayments only’
  • enter or amend

    • avoidance scheme details
    • ‘transfer pricing SME’ indicator
    • ‘transfer pricing adjustment’ indicator. MAPS (Maintain AP Signals)  
        To see which work lists, if any, a particular company appears on. TAXW (Taxpayer Worklist)
        To find a company’s UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference), by entering the  
  • name and / or address or
  • CRN (Company Registration Number). TRCT (Trace Taxpayer)  
      To delete the record of a return already logged. URTN (Unlog Return)
      To see details of charges, payments and repayments, and a summary of the accounting position for an AP. VPPD (View Payment And Posting Details)
      To view general information that is not specific to any one AP, for any company COTAX record.  

You can view any of the following:

  • company details
  • office allocation
  • agent details
  • communication name and address
  • acting In capacity details
  • case notes
  • bank and / or nominee details. VTPR (View Taxpayer)