HMRC internal manual

Construction Industry Scheme Reform Manual

CISR97070 - Who to contact for more information: NIC&EO PAYE Employer Office

All Sole trader and Partnership CIS work has been centralised in NIC&EO PAYE Employer Office, Longbenton, Newcastle. NIC&EO will also handle all Monthly Return penalties work for all types of contractor (regardless of whether they are SA or CT taxpayers). Any CIS work for a company in the role of a subcontractor has now been centralised from May 2009 in to the CT CIS Centre, Newcastle, their contact details are at CISR97080.

Should you need to send new work to NIC&EO the full postal address is:

NIC&EO PAYE Employer Office
BP4102 Benton Park View
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE98 1ZZ