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HMRC internal manual

Construction Industry Scheme Reform Manual

Worklists: information: internal escalation

CISR95600 Action guide contents


This section covers the procedure to be followed when the Contact Centre (Tier 1) adviser is asked either to verify 11 or more subcontractors in one call, or the contact has made an enquiry about the scope of the Construction Industry Scheme. Other types of call escalation are covered in the instructions at CISR18190.

If as a Customer contact centre (Tier 1) adviser you are not able to provide a caller with advice or information about the scope of CIS after consulting the Customer Adviser Guide (CAG), you should use the CIS Contact Centre CMS application to create a Work Item on the PEGA system. When creating the Work Item you should use the free format note space to record contact details and all other relevant information required to allow a Tier 2 adviser to take over the enquiry and deal with it effectively.

Where a contractor wants to verify 11 or more subcontractors, you should also create a Work Item on the PEGA system, this Work item will be worked by NIC&EO PAYE Employer Office, Longbenton, they will telephone the contractor back to carry out the number of verifications requested.

For Work items regarding the scope of CIS these should be escalated to your team leader, who will (if necessary) telephone the CIS Business helpdesk in order to answer the enquiry (See CISR97010). The team leader will then either telephone the caller back themselves, or give details of the reply to you to telephone the customer back.

The Work Items you create will be placed onto the main Work List held on the PEGA system. The priority level set for these type of Work Item’s is the highest possible as the target should be to return the call within the same day.

The Tier 2 adviser working the Work item will need

  • to have been allocated an Internal Escalation Exception Handler role, and
  • access to the PEGA and CIS systems, and
  • depending on the nature of the enquiry, possibly access to other relevant systems, for example, SA, COTAX, EBS

The Tier 2 adviser should log onto the PEGA system and call for the next Work Item. The system will place the next available Item into the adviser’s Workbasket. Work Items held in the Workbasket can only be accessed and worked by the owner of the Workbasket. The Tier 2 adviser should view the enquiry and arrange to contact the caller with a reply.

The PEGA system will allow the following action to be taken in respect of a Work item:

  • BF: If the caller cannot be contacted or the issue cannot be immediately resolved the Work Item can be BFd. When the BF date expires, the Work Item will become re-activated and will be allocated to the next Exception Handler to request a Work Item. This means it may not go back to the Exception Handler who previously worked it. When setting the BF it is therefore important that the free format note space is used to record all actions previously taken so that a full history of the Work Item is readily available.
  • Complete: If the Tier 2 adviser has made contact with the caller and resolved the issue, the system should be noted and the Work Item closed.
  • Reject: If a Work Item is allocated to the Workbasket but it is found to have been resolved by other means, then the Item can be rejected. Make a note of the reason for the action and reject the Item. This will remove the Item from the Workbasket.