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Construction Industry Scheme Reform Manual

Monthly return: log and capture monthly return: return status


CISR63600 Action guide contents

Return Status

There are a number of terms that describe the ‘status’ of a return during the log, capture and processing stages. These are:

  • received
  • logged
  • effective
  • merged
  • superseded
  • resolved
  • discarded
  • archived, or
  • concluded.

Return work states

A return once made will therefore fall under one of the following work states:

  • received and date-stamped
  • logged
  • logged and partially captured
  • logged and fully captured
  • unlogged and returned (to contractor)
  • logged, captured and partially processed
  • logged, captured and fully processed
  • archived.

Received and date-stamped means that the return has been received by a Network Office, date-stamped and sent to RDC using TaxPost Direct, but has yet to be logged.

At this stage the return ‘status’ is ‘received’.

Logged returns are those which have been logged onto the CIS system only. That is, the date of receipt has been recorded on the Contact History Framework but none of the detail in the return and any continuation sheets have been captured yet.

At this stage the return ‘status’ is ‘submitted’ although the return will not show under ‘Scheme Returns’ in View Customer until such time as it has been captured.

Logged and partially captured returns are those that have been logged and the capture process started but not completed. This could be for a number of reasons. For example, because there is not enough time left to an operator to fully capture a particular return, an emergency (such as a fire or bomb alert) during the capture process. In these cases, the information that has been captured is matched to the contractor record allowing it to be retrieved at a later date for continuation of the capture process.

See item 7 of CISR62620 for more information on‘matched’ and ‘unmatched’ returns.

Logged and fully captured returns are those that are ready for processing.

Logged, captured and partially processed returns are those where, for reasons similar to those when it is not always possible to capture a return fully at one sitting, the processing of it is also interrupted. Again, it will be possible to match the partially processed return to the contractor record to allow full processing at a later date

Logged, captured and fully processed returns are those that are ready for archiving.

At this stage the return ‘status’ is ‘effective’.

Archived returns are those where all of the information has been captured and processed and an electronic (scanned) image of the return has been scanned into the CIS system. This image will then be retained as an archived record. It can be retrieved at any time by matching a contractor to a particular CIS record. The scanned paper copy of the return, once archived, will be destroyed.

At this stage the return ‘status’ is similarly ‘effective’.

See CISR66630 for information on ‘merged’,‘superseded’, ‘resolved’,‘discarded’ and ‘concluded’ return status types.