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Compliance Handbook

CH407940 - Charging penalties: recording and calculating penalties on the National Penalties Processing System (NPPS): manual penalty cases: Returned Letter Service (RLS) cases

If a Returned Letter Service (RLS) signal is shown on the Head of Duty system a penalty cannot be raised in NPPS.

Where the RLS signal is set you must follow the guidance at CH208000 and try to establish a new address.

New address found

If the RLS signal is no longer appropriate, you must update the Head of Duty system.

For the changes on the Head of Duty system to be initiated in NPPS, you must carry out some activity in NPPS, for example, the issuing of correspondence. This ensures that NPPS undertakes a Designated Data Cache (DDC) validation check. At this point the address on NPPS is updated.

However, it is not possible for the address in NPPS to be updated after the Notice of Penalty Assessment (NPPS2) has been issued, as no further letter would be generated by the system.

No new address found

If the address on the Head of Duty system cannot be updated, a manual penalty assessment (NPPS2) must be issued to the last known address. The manual NPPS2 is available in SEES>Penalties Toolkit>NPPS Letters.

As well as issuing a manual NPPS2, you must arrange for a manual SAFE charge to be raised via your linked SAFE Officer to account for the penalty, see CH412050