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HMRC internal manual

Compliance Handbook

Charging penalties: suspending penalties: managing suspensions: action needed to ensure CPT can manage NPPS alerts

The Central Penalties Team (CPT) manage suspensions via a series of alerts in NPPS. The alerts provide prompts for certain actions to be undertaken at specific times. The first suspension alert in NPPS automatically goes to the CPT workbasket. When the CPT process this they also re-assign the case to them so that subsequent alerts will be received and worked by the CPT.

Where, exceptionally, the CPT has not actioned the first alert in NPPS, you may receive subsequent alerts in your workbasket.

If you receive any suspension alerts in your NPPS workbasket then you must transfer the case back to the CPT following the guidance below.

Note: If you do not have access to the ‘NPS Case manager’ icon you will need to refer this instruction to someone on your team who does have access, such as your team manager or your local superuser.

The following action should only be used for suspended penalties dealt with by the CPT.

  1. From ‘My Workplace’
* select ‘Tools’
* then ‘NPS Case manager’
* type in the NPPS number in ‘Find by ID box’, for example, NPPS - 140036
* once you are in the NPPS case number clear ALL alerts on the case
  1. If you see a blue line stating that there is an alert you need to take the following action (and for all blue alert lines you see)
* select the tick box to acknowledge the alert
* select the ‘submit’ button
* then select the blue line ‘flow manage suspended case…’
* select ‘Maintain alerts’ from the drop down menu
* select the dustbin icon to clear any ‘hidden’ alerts (if this is greyed out just carry on with the remaining instructions)
  1. Next, click on the drop down menu
* select ‘re-assign to team’
* tick the ‘re-assign case box’
* enter team name by typing HMRC,E&C,CCG,NPS,CPT (if you cannot type in the box, copy and paste the team name)
* in the ‘note’ box write ‘suspended penalty’
* then select ‘submit’
  1. On completion of the above action send an email to the CPT mailbox, (Central Penalty Team, CPT (LocalCOMP PGC QA & Complaints)) quoting the NPPS reference number and confirming the case has been transferred to the CPT. The CPT will then be able to manage the suspended penalty as normal.

If you encounter a problem and the above process does not work then you should contact the IT Service Centre.