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CTSA: introduction: glossary of CTPF computer related terms

Active A type of function which allows the entry or alteration of data, or the issue of assessments, determinations etc.
Automatic The meaning varies with context. Used about the computer’s activities exclusively, it distinguishes between an activity initiated by an user using a keyboard (manual), and something that the computer will initiate and carry out by itself (automatic).
Used otherwise, it simply makes the distinction between something done by the computer, and something done without it.    
  Buttons The screen equivalent of the function keys on your keyboard
  Capture The entry into the computer of data from an external source on which work is to be done, for example, the capture of the information given in CT returns.
  Context sensitive Text available on your computer screen to support (CSS) help you complete the entry required in a particular field.
  Field The marked area of the computer screen into which information asked for is entered.
  Function A set of connected steps inside the computer which give a particular result.
  Log on To enter the information that the system needs to identify you.
  Log To register the receipt etc. of a return in the computer system.
  Manual See automatic.
  Menu List.
  Off-line Opposite of on-line.
  On-line Used about a computer system, it means there is direct access to the computer by users using keyboards.
When used to describe a particular function, it indicates that the process is under the operator’s control, as opposed to off-line where the process is automatic.    
  Review See view.
  Screen A term used to describe what is visible on the screen of your terminal at any one time and to describe a display, only part of which is visible at any one time.
  Scroll To move the visible screen vertically or horizontally in order to display hidden parts of a screen.
  Update See active.
  View A type of function which allows information to be viewed, but not altered.