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HMRC internal manual

Claimant Compliance Manual

Liaison: contents

  1. CCM3020
    Liaison: Liaison Within and Outside the HMRC
  2. CCM3025
    Liaison: Third Party Contacts
  3. CCM3026
    Liaison: Third Party Contacts Help Card
  4. CCM3028
    Warning about Accessing HMRC systems
  5. CCM3030
    Liaison: Role of the CCRO
  6. CCM3040
    Liaison: Meaning of Intelligence
  7. CCM3045
    Liaison: Human Intelligence (HumInt)
  8. CCM3050
    Liaison: Internal Links - Employer Compliance (EC)
  9. CCM3060
    Liaison: Internal Links - National Minimum Wage (NMW)
  10. CCM3070
    Liaison: Internal Links - Self Assessment (SA)
  11. CCM3080
    Liaison: Links between Tax Credits and SA
  12. CCM3085
    Liaison: Claimant Compliance Officer uncovers income issues during a Tax Credits Enquiry or Examination
  13. CCM3090
    Liaison: Internal Links - Corporation Tax Self Assessment (CTSA)
  14. CCM3100
    Liaison: Internal Links - Criminal Investigations (CI) (Benefits & Credits (B&C) Investigation) - CCRO involvement
  15. CCM3105
    Liaison: Internal Links - Potential Joint Prosecution (Benefits & Credits (B&C) and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)) - Sharing of Intelligence
  16. CCM3110
    Liaison: Internal Links - Criminal Investigations (CI) (Benefits & Credits (B&C) Investigation) - Claimant Compliance Centre (CCC)/CCO involvement
  17. CCM3115
    Liaison: Internal Links: Organised Attack Team
  18. CCM3120
    Liaison: External Links - Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) - Disclosure of Information between HMRC and DWP - General
  19. CCM3130
    Liaison: External Links - DWP - Who is authorised to disclose what?
  20. CCM3140
    Liaison: External Links - DWP - Information not to be disclosed
  21. CCM3150
    Liaison: External Links - DWP - Requesting Information from DWP
  22. CCM3160
    Liaison: External Links - DWP - Spontaneous disclosure by DWP
  23. CCM3170
    Liaison: External Links - DWP - IS/JSA/MIG cases
  24. CCM3180
    Liaison: External Links - DWP - IS/JSA/MIG - DWP checks
  25. CCM3190
    Liaison: External Links - DWP - CCRO’s risk assessment of IS/JSA/MIG cases
  26. CCM3210
    Liaison: External Links - CSA - Information received from the CSA
  27. CCM3220
    Liaison: Joint working with DWP Counter Fraud Investigation Teams (CFIS)
  28. CCM3230
    Liaison: External Links - Local Authorities (LAs) - Disclosing Information to LAs
  29. CCM3240
    Liaison: External Links - LAs - Text of Paragraph 8 of Statement of Arrangements
  30. CCM3250
    Liaison: External Links - LAs - Requesting Information from LAs
  31. CCM3260
    Legal information: UK Borders Agency