HMRC internal manual

Claimant Compliance Manual

CCM20000 - Migrant workers: contents

  1. CCM20010
  2. CCM20020
    What is a migrant worker?
  3. CCM20030
    Migrant workers from outside of Europe
  4. CCM20040
    Migrant workers from the European Economic Area (EEA)
  5. CCM20050
    What is a Qualified Person?
  6. CCM20060
    Present in the UK
  7. CCM20070
    Ordinarily Resident in the UK
  8. CCM20080
    Right to Reside
  9. CCM20090
    Single or Joint Claim
  10. CCM20100
    A8 Countries
  11. CCM20110
    Workers Registration Scheme
  12. CCM20120
    A8 Nationals who do not need to register with the WRS
  13. CCM20130
    A2 Countries
  14. CCM20140
    A2 Worker Authorisation Scheme
  15. CCM20150
    EEA Students
  16. CCM20160
    EEA Migrant Workers Entitlement to WTC
  17. CCM20170
    WTC- Partner not in the UK
  18. CCM20180
    Partner leaves the UK after WTC is awarded
  19. CCM20190
    Partner comes to the UK after WTC is awarded
  20. CCM20200
    WTC Disability Element
  21. CCM20210
    WTC 30 hour Element
  22. CCM20220
    WTC Second Adult Element
  23. CCM20230
    WTC 50+ Element
  24. CCM20240
    Lone Parent Element
  25. CCM20250
    EEA Entitlement to CTC
  26. CCM20260
    Partner and Children not in the UK
  27. CCM20270
    Partner and Children are in the UK at the time of CTC claim
  28. CCM20280
    Partner and Children leave the UK after the claim for CTC
  29. CCM20290
    Childcare Costs
  30. CCM20300
    What is a Complex Case
  31. CCM20310
    Employed Claim - Risks
  32. CCM20320
    Multi-Occupancy - Risks
  33. CCM20330
    Employment Agencies
  34. CCM20340
    What Income should be taken into account?
  35. CCM20350
    Self Employment Claim - Risks
  36. CCM20360
    Self Employed - Joint WTC and CTC Claim
  37. CCM20370
    Class 2 National Insurance Contributions
  38. CCM20380
    Self Sufficiency
  39. CCM20390
    Child Benefit Claim
  40. CCM20400
    Suspect Documentation