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Capital Gains Manual

Gains: disposal of found objects: not treasure: example of metal detecting agreement

The following draft agreement was prepared by a metal detecting club for use by the owner of a metal detector and a landowner on whose land he or she wished to search for objects. See CG77599 for the effect of the contract.

Search and Recovery agreement        
This agreement dated this day of 20    
between hereinafter known as the property owner      
and hereinafter known as the recoverer.      
Witnesses: -        


In consideration of the recoverer undertaking to devote his time and equipment in a search of the premises described as __


The property owner hereby agrees that the recoverer shall receive as compensation for his services ___% of all money, jewellery, artefacts and which may have been lost or concealed in, on or about the above premises and discovered by the recoverer.

The recoverer is given full authority to work in, on or about the said premises at any reasonable time, subject only to such notice as the property owner may require in advance of such work.

The recoverer waives any possible claim against the property owner for liability for any careless or negligent act arising out of or in consequence of the search.

This agreement shall be effective for from the date hereof.

Executed at


Property Owner