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Capital Gains Manual

CG59520 - Valuation: quoted shares: use of Interactive Data (formerly Extel)

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Interactive Data is a financial publication. It is a source of reference for checking 31 March 1982 values of shares and securities quoted on the Stock Exchange. Interactive Data includes the following information

  • the 31 March 1982 value of all shares and securities quoted on the Stock Exchange at that date and details of their subsequent share history
  • a factor adjusting the 31 March 1982 value to take account of the subsequent share history, in particular rights and bonus issues. This factor only works if the taxpayer has taken up all their rights, see CG52050. You should only use the factors for checking computations. They should not be used in computations sent to taxpayers, see CG52050
  • a share history for all quoted securities created after 31 March 1982 up to the date of the latest issue. This information can be useful for checking the apportionment of costs on a share reorganisation, see CG51976

Interactive Data also gives details of shares dealt in on the Unlisted Securities Market (USM). These shares are not regarded as listed or quoted, see CG50255. You must not accept the Interactive Data values for USM shares and should check the valuation by sending a form CG30 to SAV, see CG59540. USM shares are clearly identified in Interactive Data.

Interactive Data also gives details of shares dealt in on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Again, these shares are not treated as quoted or listed for tax purposes, see CG50260, and you will need to check valuations with SAV.