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BIM100110 - Miscellaneous income: scope of the provisions: services

S687-S689 Income Tax (Trading and Other Income) Act 2005, S979-S981 Corporation Tax Act 2009

A casual receipt is taxable under the miscellaneous income sweep-up provisions where it is received for a service performed as agreed/arranged for reward. This contrasts with a simple gift as a ‘thank you’, for example, after performing a casual service where there was no agreement/arrangement/common expectation that such was for reward.

Voluntary gifts are not taxable under the miscellaneous income provisions. This can be a difficult area depending on the facts of the specific case. The treatment contrasts with treatment of voluntary receipts from a trade or profession, see BIM41801.

The distinction was set out by Lord Hanworth MR in Brocklesby v Merricks [1934] 18TC576 at page 584:

‘He was in a position to say: “A part of the profit which has been earned does, under the arrangement made between us, in fact belong to me.”’

As ever, whether a particular receipt is taxable depends upon the facts of the case. It is therefore important to establish all of the relevant facts in each case.

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