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HMRC internal manual

ATA/CPD Carnets Manual

ATA/CPD Carnets Manual recent changes

Below are details of the amendments that were published on 19 February 2014 (see the update index for all updates)

Page Details of update
ATACPD02400 Link to 11000 corrected to 12000
ATACPD02600 Test re-written to make it clear that any queries to the Unit Of expertise should come from an officer not the carnet holder.
ATACPD04550 Link to 09200 corrected to 09500
ATACPD04600 Text changed so it is in the third person

CPC corrected

Address of National Carnet Unit updated    
  ATACPD04800 Text changed so it is in the third person
  ATACPD05000 In several places the term “office of destination” has been replaced with “office of exit” in line with the EU regulations
  ATACPD05300 Example of incorrect procedure removed (restricted text)
Link to 12000 corrected to 21000    
  ATACPD05500 Sentence added to make it clear of the difference between the office of export and office of exit
  ATACPD05700 Sentence added to give guidance when the customs point is only the office of exit.
  ATACPD06000 Extra line of text removed

Link to 7250 corrected to 7350

Link to 12000 corrected to 21000    
  ATACPD06200 Deleted incorrect link
  ATACPD07350 Article corrected from 564 to 570
  ATACPD07650 Para 4.8 added to existing reference to 4.09
  ATACPD07750 Two more notices mentioned
  ATACPD09450 Words “on an ATA carnet “ added for clarity
  ATACPD09500 22454/93 Article 900 (1) (a-b) changed to 2454/93 Article 900 (1) (a-b)
  ATACPD09550 Temporary importation changed to temporary admission
  ATACPD10400 Date changed from 31/8/2008 to 31/12/2008
  ATACPD12000 Colour of vouchers changed from blue to grey and a sentence added in restricted text. Link to 11300 fixed. Re-written for clarity
  ATACPD11330 Counterfoil colour corrected from yellow to orange
  ATACPD11600 Link to 05100-05300 corrected to 06200
Link in last paragraph corrected to 21300    
  ATACPD14000 Re-written to make sentence easier to read
  ATACPD19000 Two countries added to the list - Albania and Macao (China)
  ATACPD21100 Suppressive changed to suspensive. Wither changed to either
  ATACPD22000 Link to 21000 change to 12000