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HMRC internal manual

Anti-dumping and countervailing duties

Anti-dumping and countervailing duties: recent changes

Below are details of the amendments that were published on 6 June 2012 (see the update index for all updates)

Page Details of update
ADCD01100 Amended European Community (EC) to European Union (EU)
Amended ‘EC’ to ‘EU’ in 3 places    
  ADCD01150 Amended ‘EC’ to ‘EU’
  ADCD01200 Amended ‘EC’ to ‘EU’
  ADCD02050 2nd bullet point amended text to read ‘the 4 digit additional code usually required to identify the manufacture of the goods concerned.
  ADCD02200 ’1st bullet point added ‘potential’ between ‘later’ and ‘collection’

Deleted the first paragraph after the second bullet point ‘Importers may apply……..’

Deleted 3rd paragraph after 2nd bullet point ‘Although there is…….’

Deleted ‘only’ between ‘can and be levied’ from the 5th paragraph after the 2nd bullet point.    
  ADCD02250 Amended ‘EC’ to ‘EU’.
  ADCD02350 Amended ‘EC’ to ‘EU’ in 2 places
  ADCD02400 Amended ‘EC’ to ‘EU’
Deleted ‘BIS’ between ‘to’ and ‘for’ in the 1s t bullet point and replace it with ‘the EU (via BIS)’    
  ADCD03050 Amend ‘EC’ to ‘EU’ in 2 places
  ADCD03100 Amend ‘EC’ to ‘EU’ in 2 places
  ADCD03150 In the last paragraph delete the remainder of the sentence after ‘China’
  ADCD04050 Amend ‘EC’s anti fraud-unit’ to read ‘EU’s anti fraud-unit’
  ADCD05050 Amend ‘EC’ to read ‘EU’ and ‘European Community’ to read ‘European Union’
Amend ‘EC’s’ Anti-Fraud Unit to read ‘EU’s’ Anti-Fraud Unit    
  ADCD06050 Delete ‘Christine Stibbards’ and extension ‘67344’ from the ‘contact name and address’ for ECSM

Delete ‘Colin Wray/Bob Box’ from the contact for BIS and replace it with ‘Phil Richards’

Amend the telephone number to read: (Tel: 020 7215 5057)