HMRC internal manual

Air Passenger Duty

APD7350 - APD7350 - Assessments and voluntary disclosures: Completing form APD643 – Cancellation of Officer’s Assessment

How do I complete form APD 643?

Form APD643 is input to the computer by CCU to completely withdraw an assessment/voluntary disclosure. The input of this form will not generate any notification to the trader.

Box Instructions for completion
Registration number The trader’s APD registration number.
OA reference The reference number of the original assessment or voluntary disclosure to be withdrawn. This number appears on the original output documents.
Assessment date The date which appears on the original notification of assessment (APD35) or voluntary disclosure (APD36).
Assessing officer Must be officially appointed departmental reviewing officer if withdrawal results from a departmental review. Otherwise, it should be signed by the officer withdrawing the assessment or voluntary disclosure.
Value of assessment being withdrawn This is the net amount of APD on the original assessment/voluntary disclosure. You do not need to include any interest in this amount.
Countersignatory All withdrawals require a countersignature as outlined in APD12000