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Glossary of Airline Jargon/Abbreviations: Airline Jargon/Abbreviations

ABC Airlines guide of flight schedules
ABTA Association of British Travel Agents
AER Association of European Airlines
Alphabet order Looks like a passenger manifest (shows infant passengers)
AMADEUS Computer flight booking
ANO Air Navigation Order
AOC Air Operators Certificate
AOG Aircraft on ground (usually indicates a rapid repair requirement)
APOLLO United Airlines equivalent of BABS
ATB Automatic ticketing boarding card
AVTUR Aviation Turbine Fuel (duty free when put to an eligible use)
AWC Air Worthiness Certificate
BAA British Airports Authority
BABS British Airways Booking system
BAG Edits Full baggage claim number, cross referenced to passenger
BAOA British Airport Operators’ Association
BARUK Board of Airline Reps in the UK
BATA British Air Transport Association
BSP Bank Settlement Plan (see IATA)
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CAT Central Assurance Team
Code share agreement Marketing agreement where airlines share their flight codes
Conjunction tickets Cross referenced connecting tickets
Connectors Passengers connecting through the UK on international flights. (May have separate ticket or through tickets with the boarding pass - issued on the first take off.)
CRS Computer Reservation System
CUTE Common User Terminal System
DCS Departure Control System
Deadhead crew Crew which literally does not have to think as it is being returned or repositioned
DfT Department for Transport
EDIFAX Electronic Data Intercomputer Facilitation
ERAA European Regional Airlines Association
FCC Flight Connection Centre (End of Terminal 1 LHR)
FIM Flight Interruption Manifest
Frequent flyers Free tickets awarded to frequent fliers
GALILEO Computer flight booking system
GOING ‘TECH’ Aircraft on ground requiring repair
Go shows Passengers who turn up on “spec”
HUB Main station supplying other stations
IACA Independent Air Carriers Association
IATA International Air Transport Association, clearing house which acts like a bank system for the airlines
Interlining Practice of carrying a passenger on another airline’s ticket
Involuntary rerouting Rerouting owing to unforeseen circumstances for example foul weather  
Loadmasters Airline employees dealing with cargo baggage; may or may not fly
Manifest List of passengers carried
Movement message List of passengers carried
No shows Passengers who do not turn up
Non-Ads Non Admittance (deportees)
Occupancy rates Monthly statistics of how many passengers flew
Offlying carriers People who sell their tickets in a country but do not fly from it
PAX Passenger(s)
RAS Revenue Accounting System
Removal notes Letters issued by immigration to fly deportees out
Repositioning crew Crew flying out to work or returning to base following a period of duty
SABRE American Airlines computer system equivalent to BABS
Shoulders The “run-up“ period to summer/winter schedules
Skymarshalls Can mean plain clothes security operatives
Slots Take-off time allocated by Airport Authorities
TAT Transitional Automated Ticket
Techlog CAA-required record of all maintenance to aircraft
Transit passenger A passenger who during their journey either changes aircraft or re-boards their original aircraft while making a scheduled stop in which they remain airside, without passing through any official controls
Validation stickers Applied to tickets when scheduled flight is changed.