Health and safety using farm vehicles and machinery

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If you own or manage a farm, you’re responsible for ensuring the health and safety of your workers and anyone who’s affected by what they do.

You must:

  • carry out a assessment of any risks related to your farm
  • have a plan to manage these risks and protect people from harm
  • plan and set standards to be sure that your health and safety practices work
  • check how you’re doing through regular inspections and monitoring

You must make sure that all farming vehicles and equipment are:

  • safe to use
  • appropriate for the jobs they are used for
  • their safety risks are reduced as much as possible

Health and safety assessments

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has produced guidance to help farmers conduct health and safety assessments of their farms.

The ‘Farmwise’ guide also provides information and guidance on health and safety for farm vehicles and machinery.