Welfare at time of killing inspection

Information for farmers about inspections carried out on killing and preparation areas, procedures and equipment, and availability of the code of practice.

Who gets inspected

You’re eligible for inspection if your farm is registered with the local authority as a ‘food business operator’.

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and your local authority could inspect you if complaints are made against your farm.

What gets inspected

Inspectors check:

  • killing and preparation areas, where animals are temporarily housed
  • procedures and equipment
  • if you have the ‘code of practice’ available

Find out more about the welfare of animals at the time of killing.

Time and length

Inspections usually happen in the run up to Christmas (seasonal turkey) and take 1 to 4 hours.

What happens next

Most problems can be solved by inspectors giving you advice. You may be sent a letter asking you to make certain improvements. If you break any of the rules you’re likely to be referred to your local authority for potential investigation.

APHA inspectors will also look for general farm welfare issues that may have been reported to it.

A full welfare on farms inspection could be carried out on the spot if inspectors see relevant issues.

Published 12 January 2017