The Government Social Research Technical Framework

The Competency Framework defines the professional competency for members of the Social research profession within government.

The Government Social Research (GSR) Technical Expertise Framework is a rebranding of the GSR Competency Framework in order to align to the Civil Service Success Profile approach to recruitment. The GSR Technical Framework outlines the technical expertise for members of the GSR profession, and how this applies at each grade.

The framework covers GSR Technical Expertise, which comprises of two categories:

  • Technical skills (TS) -
  • Using and promoting social research (UPSR)

These categories cover the skills and knowledge required for social research within government. The technical expertise indicators outlined are cumulative – so GSR members at each grade should be able to demonstrate the expertise for their grade and the grades below them.

Indicators are provided for:

  • Research Officer (RO) – equivalent to HEO Civil Service grade
  • Senior Research Officer (SRO) – equivalent to SEO Civil Service grade
  • Principal Research Officer (PRO) – equivalent to Grade 7 Civil Service grade
  • Senior Principal Research Officer (SPRO) – equivalent to Grade 6 Civil Service grade
  • Chief Research Officer (CRO) – equivalent to Grade 5/SCS 1 Civil Service grade

The framework should be used for recruiting, promoting, accrediting an appraising GSR members. When recruiting it should be used in conjunction with the Civil Service Success Profiles (see & GSR Guidance) – it represents the ‘Technical’ element of this profile. Departments can choose how to incorporate the GSR Technical Framework into their goal/objective setting and appraisal process.

This rebranded framework applies from Nov 2019.

Government Social Research Technical Framework (PDF, 863KB, 20 pages)

Published 17 February 2017
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