Joint Information Activities Group (JIAG)

The JIAG provides specialist Information activities training, operational delivery capability and capacity building for defence, and other government departments.

Mission statement

To develop and deliver the Joint IA Capability for defence in support of UK influence outcomes.

JIAG Overview

Joint Information Activities Group (JIAG) provides specialist information activities training and operational delivery capability for defence, and other government departments, through the provision of subject matter experts in direct support of contingent and enduring operations and collective training exercises.

JIAG stood up on full operating capability, 1 April 13, by the bringing together of the Defence Media Operations Centre (DMOC) and the Joint Information Operations Training and Advisory Team (JIOTAT) under an OF5 commanding officer. Although under a single organisation the two elements remain distinct, whilst concurrently maximising the synergies in the IA environment.

The major outputs include:

  • delivery of information activities training for media and information operations personnel

  • supporting defence and other government departments through the provision of expert advice and operational capability

  • direct support to operations and collective training exercises

  • development and exploitation of information activities synergies to deliver operational capability, good governance and value for money

Headquarters contacts list

The Joint Information Activities Group has a small headquarters element. The headquarters’ staff can be contacted during normal working hours 08.30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday as follows:

Position Email address Civil telephone number Military telephone number
Commanding Officer 01296 657 242 952 377 242
Chief of Staff 01296 657 241 952 377 241
Chief Clerk 01296 657 180 952 377 180
JNCO J1 01296 657 218 952 377 218
FAX   01296 657 236 952 377 236

Outside of normal working hours duty staff are contactable as follows:

Position Mobile
Duty WO/SNCO 0790 972 6208
Duty NCO 0790 151 3099

Defence Media Operations Centre

The Defence Media Operations Centre (DMOC) is a multi facetted tri-Service organisation, delivering Joint media and communications capability in support of enduring and contingency operations. The DMOC comprises of operational personnel, trainers and defence photographers, delivering three principle outputs:

Support to operations.

The DMOC maintains a pool of Joint media trained personnel at readiness in order to deliver, manage or coordinate Joint media operations wherever called upon globally. Tailored packages of personnel can be activated, dependant on tasking, up to a fully manned and equipped Media Operations Centre and Media Information Centre capable of dealing with Joint deployed forces’ media and communications requirements. Recent deployments include Afghanistan, Mali, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Training and Education.

Training centres on three principle courses: Defence Communicators’ Course, training defence personnel in a broad range of media operations activities based against the Media and Communications Competency Framework, suitable for all military press officers; A Media Skills Course, training defence personnel likely to be interviewed by broadcast media to effectively deliver their messages; and Environmental Training, drawing together Joint media operations techniques and procedures which are tested in an immersive exercise. Bespoke training can be developed on request dependant on manning levels and scheduled activities. The DMOC also supports and assures joint exercises and pre-deployment training as well as providing media and communication education to the Defence Academy and pre-command courses.

Capacity building

The DMOC is increasingly being used to provide a capacity building capability in support of the International Defence Engagement Strategy to assist in the provision of defence’s contribution to UK influence. DMOC can provide assistance in the form of individual advisers up to full training teams integrated with other military or OGD teams to deliver this capability on behalf of defence.

DMOC contacts list

Position Email address Civil telephone number Military telephone number
Head DMOC 01296 657 194 952 377 194
XO DMOC 01296 657 185 952 377 185
SO2 Training 01296 657 189 952 377 189
SO2 Operations 01296 657 193 952 377 193
OIC Photographic Section 01296 657 222 952 377 222

Logistics Support Wing

The Logistics Support Wing has been established since the inception of the Joint Media Operations Group (JMOG) a mainly Territorial Army unit and the predecessor of the Defence Media Operations Centre (DMOC) and it has been responsible for the total support to each organisation and will continue to be the support to the newly formed Joint Information Activities Group (JIAG).

Logistics Support Wing is a tri Service team headed up by an army Captain Quatermaster, ably supported by various senior and junior NCOs from the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force, who are augmented by reservists as and when required, and offer a 24 hour 365 day support to deployed operations.

The services offered by the Logistics Support Wing are many and varied for a small team, from the accounting and issue of all types of service equipment including life support, technical equipment and vehicle support, to the provision of technical equipment including satellite communications, deployed media operations centre’s, stills and video camera and editing equipment.

Day to day support is provided to the JIAG HQ elements and the DMOC teams in the form of IT and AV life support as and when required and daily support for press information centres in both Iraq and more recently in Afghanistan.

Further options provided by the Logs Spt Wg include press conference facilities, notable examples include conferences given by the Secretary of the State for Defence, Secretary General of NATO, launch of the celebrations for the 100 years of the Territorial Army at the Tower of London, and various major MOD events including the 90th Anniversary of the battle of the Somme at the Thiepval memorial in France.