River Medway: conditions, closures and restrictions

River conditions, reach closures and restrictions affecting boaters on the River Medway.

River conditions

Current condition on the River Medway:

Green: all clear (effective from 9am 6 September 2018).

What the conditions mean

  • Red: strong stream. We advise users of all boats not to navigate because the strong flows make it difficult and dangerous.
  • Green: all clear. No stream warnings are in force, all boats can navigate the river freely.

This web page will only be updated during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm). Outside these hours, customers should call Allington Lock on 01622 752864 for the latest stream information.

River closures

There are currently no unplanned closures on the River Medway. See planned lock closures and river draining for 2018.

River restrictions

When Where What’s happening
Sunday 9 September 2018 Town Lock pen, Tonbridge Dragon Boat Races, The races will begin at the bend after the sports ground and finish at Big Bridge, approximately 200 metres downstream. There will be 2 boats in each race (3 in the final). The event will commence at 07.30 hours and finish at 17.30 hours. Would all other river users please give the racing crews unhindered passage during these times.
Sunday 23 September 2018 Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club to St Peter’s bridge, Maidstone Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club will be holding the Maidstone Spring Head Race. The races will be run on a timed basis over a course from just upstream of the Malta Inn, Allington to just before St Peter’s bridge, Maidstone. There will be four divisions starting at 09:00, 10:45, 12:30 and 14:15 hours. Each race should last between 30 and 45 minutes.

Planned lock closures

There are no current planned closures on the River Medway.

River levels

Find out about river levels on the Medway.

Email updates

The Environment Agency sends email updates on planned River Medway closures and restrictions. To subscribe to this service, email with ‘subscribe to notice to mariners’ in the subject line.

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