Review into the UK’s defence and security industrial strategy

The government has launched a review into the UK’s defence and security industry sectors.

This review into the UK’s defence and security industrial strategy will identify how the government can take a more strategic approach to ensure that we have competitive, innovative and world-class defence and security industry sectors.

Many of the UK’s defence and security companies are going from strength to strength, but there are a range of challenges to be faced for the future. The review will examine the way industry is being impacted by the pace of technological change, the need for innovation and partnership, and increased competition from abroad. There is also the difficulty of ensuring that we have the necessary skills in place to ultimately deliver the capabilities that we need. The review will consider how these challenges can be addressed and how the government can work with industry to make the most of potential opportunities.

This review matters because our defence and security industries are at the forefront of technology development in creating new ways to prevent and defend against threats such as terrorism and serious organised crime. Also, on the international stage, our defence and security companies play a crucial role in maintaining the UK’s global influence.

The findings will be fed into the broader integrated review of security, defence, development and foreign policy which is taking place in parallel.

The review is being carried out by a cross-government team who will be engaging closely with industry, parliament, and other stakeholders over the course of the review. The government is not conducting a formal public consultation on this work but comments can be sent in to Please note that you should not expect a reply to any emails but any comments on the review are welcome.

For more information, please read Ministry of Defence leads cross-government review into the UK’s defence and security industrial strategy article.

Review of the UK’s Defence and Security Industrial Strategy: written ministerial statement.

Defence Prosperity Programme conference, Minister for Defence Procurement speaking note 5 March 2020

Published 13 March 2020