Restorations and post grant section manual

Chapter 6: Preparation of Patents Journal entries

Sections (6.01 to 6.06) last updated: September 2017



Entries for the Journal are compiled by the Manager of the RAPS Section. The entries are prepared and saved on SharePoint in the PJ Live folder, a paper copy is also placed in the Journal folder. They are submitted to the Publication Section by e-mail on a weekly basis. The Journal entries are submitted for publication three weeks in advance.

RAPS section action


Every Tuesday, all entries on SharePoint are checked. The formatting of the entries should be checked against Annex 2 - Formatting of adverts and the content of the entry should be verified using the dossier and patents register.

Heading requirements


All section headings should be checked against Annex 1 - Example of Journal adverts to ensure that they are in the correct format. The following in particular should be noted:

  • All adverts should be in Arial font.
  • All section headings should be in bold type and font size 15
  • All sub headings should be in bold and the first letter of the subheading in capital and remainder in lower case and font size 12
  • The patent number should be in bold and in capitals
  • The proprietor/applicant name should be in capital letters but not in bold
  • The title of the patent/application should be shown
  • The outcome (filed/withdrawn/refused, etc) should be included along with the date of the action (See Annex 2 - Formatting of adverts for examples)

Send to publishing section


Once the entries have been checked and any errors corrected, the electronic version of the Journal should be sent to Publishing Section via e-mail


The summary listing is completed for S27 opposition adverts. When the entries in the Journal have been collated and checked, the completed summary listing will be e-mailed to Webmaster. If any amendments have been filed electronically, they should be retrieved from the “Amendments to be advertised” folder within PJ Store on SharePoint and sent as an attachment to the e-mail.


The summary listing and proposed amendments will then appear on the Web page on the date the Journal is published. If there are no amendments filed under S27, an e-mail notifying Webmaster that there are no entries should be sent.