Restorations and post grant section manual

The restorations and post grant section manual explains the Intellectual Property Office's practice under the Patents Act 1977.

This manual is primarily intended to provide guidance to Patents and Trademarks Directorate staff in Restoration and Post-Grant amendment Section (RAPS). The manual contains detailed, up-to-date desk instructions on the practice and procedures RAPS Section staff should follow in the formal processing of ex parte proceedings including restoration applications and carrying out any subsequent actions. Most of the circumstances that staff can expect to encounter are covered. However situations may arise which are not addressed in the manual. In such cases, advice should be sought from line management as appropriate.

The guidelines contained in the manual do not constitute legal provisions and as such are not authority for any action by the Office, nor do they impose any particular line of action. The ultimate authority on practice and procedures relating to patents is the Patents Act 1977 (as amended) and the Patents Rules 2007 (as amended). For advice on the interpretation of the provisions of the Patents Act and Rules, reference should be made to the Manual of Patent Practice.

This manual is divided into chapters covering different types of proceedings dealt with by the comptroller and distinct topics. Each chapter is further divided into sub-topics identified by sub-headings. The paragraphs are numbered sequentially with each number starting with the number of the chapter.

We welcome corrections to the information contained in this manual and also suggestions for improvement. They should be addressed to:

RAPS Section
Business Operations Division
Patents and Trademarks Directorate
Room 2R33
Intellectual Property Office
Concept House
Cardiff Road
South Wales
NP10 8QQ

  1. Chapter 1: Restorations Sections (1.01 to 1.55) last updated: September 2017
  2. Chapter 2: Application to amend the specification under section 27 Sections (2.01 to 2.87) last updated: March 2016.
  3. Chapter 3: Section 117 corrections of errors Sections (3.01 - 3.94) last updated: September 2017
  4. Chapter 4: Section 29 Surrender of patents Section (4.01 to 4.18) last updated: September 2017
  5. Chapter 5: Section 47 cancellation of licence of right Sections (5.01 - 5.16) last updated: September 2017.
  6. Chapter 6: Preparation of Patents Journal entries Sections (6.01 to 6.06) last updated: September 2017