Register or manage a high-rise residential building

Use this service to apply to register a high-rise residential building in England with the Building Safety Regulator.

Applies to England

If you or your organisation are the principal accountable person (PAP) for a building, or someone authorised to act for them, you can use this service to: 

  • apply to register the building with the Building Safety Regulator (BSR
  • give BSR information about the structure and fire safety of the building 

Only the PAP can use this service to: 

  • withdraw an existing application 
  • manage who can use the service for you 
  • tell BSR when you have prepared or updated your safety case report 
  • tell BSR how you want to be sent documents 

When a building is registered with BSR, anyone can find information about it on the high rise residential building register.  

The PAP is the organisation that owns or is accountable for the building’s safety. 

In limited circumstances, an individual can be the PAP.

If the building has more than one accountable person (AP), the PAP is the one who is accountable for the external walls and structure of the building.

Start now

Before you start 

Read the guide about applying to register a high-rise residential building. It tells you which buildings need to be registered and information about the registration process.

A high-rise residential building can contain one or more high-rise residential structures.  A high-rise residential structure has at least: 

  • 7 storeys or is at least 18 metres high
  • 2 residential units

Apply to register 2 or more structures as a single building when they’re connected by either: 

  • a walkway, lobby or basement, that contains a residential unit 
  • an internal wall containing normal use doors 

You must give BSR the following information about the building: 

  • the number of storeys at or above ground level 
  • its height in metres 
  • the number of residential units 
  • its completion date 
  • its address or addresses 

If your building is made up of more than one high-rise residential structure, you must give us this information for each structure. 

We’ll also ask about the PAP and any other APs

You must declare that all the information you have told us is correct. 

To complete your application, you must pay £251 per building. You need to pay by credit or debit card. 

If you cannot pay by card, you may be able to pay an invoice through a bank account. You must pay the invoice before we can assess your application.  

You have 28 days after submitting your registration application to give BSR more detailed information about the structure and fire safety of the building. The information you give here will help you when you assess the building’s risks, as part of your safety case.

You can save your application and return to it at any time with the email address used to start the application, and the application reference. 

You can use this service as many times as you need. But you can only give us information about one building at a time. 

Get help using this service 

Contact BSR if you need help using this service.

Published 4 April 2024