Redeeming your Green Deal Home Improvement Fund voucher and getting paid

Guidance on how to redeem your Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) voucher and get paid.

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Once your Green Deal home improvement work is complete, the process for redeeming your GDHIF voucher is easy and straightforward.

Use the steps below to help you submit the correct paperwork to the Scheme Administrator to apply for your GDHIF payment.

You can use a different Installer or Provider for each measure that you are intending to install - it doesn’t all need to be the same one.

1. Fill in the voucher

1.1 Once the work has been completed get the Installer or Provider to complete their section of the voucher. They need to fill in the total cost of installation of that measure, the date the installation started, their GDHIF registration number, and sign and date it. It must be signed by the company named on the voucher.

1.2 Sign and date the voucher yourself in the Customer Declaration section.

2. Make sure you have all the documents you need

2.1 The completed voucher. Guidance on how to fill in your voucher is noted above.

2.2 Claim of Conformity. Your Installer or Provider must give you this. One Claim of Conformity declaration is needed to cover each measure you are claiming for; there may be more than one if you had several measures installed by different Installers/Providers.

2.3 Invoices for installation of measures. The invoice(s) should show the total amount you are responsible for paying for each installed measure you are claiming for. The invoice must include the VAT, and any deposit or payments you have already paid. The total cost must represent the balance to be paid after any discount or offer* given by your Installer or Provider is deducted (* except the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund payment).

2.4 If you are applying for a Green Deal Assessment (GDAR) refund you will also need your GDAR invoice from your assessor.

2.5 Make sure you mark all your documents with your unique GDHIF voucher number so the Scheme Administrator can identify them and process them efficiently.

3. Send copies of your documents to the GDHIF Scheme Administrator

You need to send copies of each of the documents listed in the checklist by email or post.

By post to:

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund – REDEMPTION TEAM
PO Box 6900
RG24 4SY

If you prefer to send copies of your documents electronically, you can scan and email them to

Remember to keep the originals safe, as the Scheme Administrator is unable to return them to you. If you decide to scan the documents please make sure each document is named using the voucher number and specific name e.g. H0XCKDF57- Solid Wall Invoice.

You will receive an email from the Scheme Administrator when they have received your claim.

4. Changing your installer or provider

The rules of the Scheme allow you to change the Installer or Provider named on your voucher even after a voucher has been issued. This is subject to any contract you may have with a particular organisation.

If you want to change the Installer or Provider named on your voucher paperwork, please contact the Scheme Administrator at

5. Receiving your GDHIF Payment

The Scheme Administrator is working hard to process payments and reimburse customers as quickly as possible.

The Scheme Administrator will notify you by email that your payment will be made shortly or to ask for further information.

The payment will be made to you, not your Green Deal Provider or Installer.

6. Other Green Deal incentives

For more information on Green Deal incentives to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home, stay warm and cosy visit the Green Deal pages on GOV.UK

To receive updates about any possible future schemes, please email

Published 29 October 2014