Rating Manual section 3: valuation principles

Part 4: appendix 1 - vacant property inspection checklist

The Valuation Office Agency's (VOA) technical manual for the rating of business (non-domestic) property.

The Property:

  • rating file and plans - Are they correct? Check for issues that may affect demand. Poor access, low headroom, poor layout etc.

  • have there been any changes since AVD? Since 01 April 2005? Since Material Day?

  • photos - General photos and specific photos of poor repair

  • detailed notes on the physical state of the building to complement photos

  • note services connected

  • details of last use and when vacated

  • future plans for property? Redevelopment? Demolition?

  • photos of any “For sale” or “To Let” boards. Make a note of agents and phone numbers·Make a specific note of items which appear to be incomplete or missing

The Surrounding Area

  • notes about the immediate area. Is this an estate or an isolated property? Are there residential properties near by?
  • road, rail and bus links.
  • other vacant properties? Being marketed? Development sites being marketed?
  • condition of other, similar properties
  • MCCs? Changes since AVD? Since 01 April 2005? Since Material Day? New or recent developments

Other research

  • internet marketing – printout website adverts? Contact agents for sales or letting particulars
  • BA web sites for planning applications