Organisations exempt from spend controls

Check if your organisation is exempt from the Cabinet Office spend controls process.

The following organisations are exempt from the spend controls process:

Organisations Terms
Aggregator Vehicle PLC Exempt
Commissioner for Irish Lights Exempt apart from Digital and Technology and Property
Electoral Commission Exempt
Financial services compensation scheme Exempt
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) Exempt
Money Advice Service Exempt
MOD Defence Equipment and Support Exempt apart from Digital and technology and Property
National Audit Office (NAO) Exempt
Network Rail Exempt
Ordnance Survey Exempt with voluntary compliance
Open Water Market (OWML) Exempt with voluntary compliance for Digital and Technology
Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Exempt
Royal Household Exempt
Submarine Delivery Agency Exempt from the Consultancy, Learning and Development and External Recruitment
UK Asset Resolution Exempt
DH bodies  
Central Support Units (CSUs) Exempt apart from Commercial
NHS Property Services Ltd (NHS PS) Exempt apart from Commercial
BEIS bodies  
British Business Bank plc (BBB) Exempt with voluntary compliance
Green Investment Bank Exempt with voluntary compliance
DEFRA bodies  
Flood Reinsurance Scheme (Flood Re) Exempt
Site Licences  
Sellafield Exempt
Magnox North Exempt
Magnox South Exempt
Low-level Waste Repository Exempt
Dounreay Site Restoration Exempt
Research Sites Restoration Exempt
Estates All of the following estates are exempted from Property controls but not Facilities Management
Overseas estates  
Other specialist facilities owned, leased and occupied by central departments  
Agencies and NDPBs such as museums, power stations and port facilities  
Civil engineering infrastructure owned, leased and used by central departments  
Agencies and NDPBs such as flood defences, roads, canals and railways  
Scientific and communication sites, including radio masts, radar stations, boreholes, instrument monitoring stations  
Defra Rural Estate  
EH heritage estate  
Historic Royal Palaces  
Military Rural Training Estate and Forces personnel/family accommodation  
Devolved assemblies  
The Crown Estate  
Parliament’s estate  
Residential lettings  
British Transport Police operational estate – to include detention cells and office  
Sites at train stations  
Marine and Coastguard Agency operational estate – to include helicopter sites  
Coastguard rescue stations, stores, launch sites for rescue vehicles  
Communications networks  
Driving Standards Agency operational estate – to include driving test centres  
Multi-purpose test centres  
Vehicle and Operators Services Agency operational estate – to include weighbridge sites, enforcement compounds, testing sites  
Compulsory purchase orders (there are 100+ per annum) and much of the court estate with the exception of new builds  
Published 9 April 2014