Ofqual Handbook: Technical Qualifications

Additional rules and guidance for Technical Qualifications

This document sets out additional rules and guidance for awarding organisations offering Technical Qualifications.

They build on, and should be read alongside, our rules and guidance for all regulated qualifications.

  1. About these rules and guidance About these rules and guidance, including how they relate to the purposes of Technical Qualifications
  2. Applying our general rules to Technical Qualifications (Condition TQ1) Rules and guidance on the application of our general rules to Technical Qualifications, including some general rules which do not apply
  3. Assessment approach (Conditions TQ2 to TQ3) Rules and guidance about assessment objectives and assessment strategies for Technical Qualifications
  4. Describing Technical Qualifications (Conditions TQ4 to TQ5) Rules about the titling of Technical Qualifications, and about assigning values for Guided Learning and Total Qualification Time
  5. Assessment (Condition TQ6) Rules and guidance about assessment in Technical Qualifications
  6. Recognition of prior learning (Condition TQ7) Rules and guidance about recognition of prior learning in Technical Qualifications
  7. Standard setting (Condition TQ8) Rules and guidance on standard setting in Technical Qualifications
  8. Marking and moderation (Conditions TQ9 to TQ10) Rules and guidance about marking and moderation of Technical Qualifications
  9. Reviews and appeals (Conditions TQ11 to TQ22) Rules and guidance about reviews of marking, reviews of moderation, and appeals in Technical Qualifications
  10. Interpretation and Definitions (Condition TQ23) Interpreting these rules and guidance, including defined terms
  11. Accreditation requirement About accreditation of Technical Qualifications