HMPPS Mental Health Casework Section contact list

Names, email address and telephone numbers for the HM Prison and Probation Service Mental Health Casework Section.

Applies to England and Wales

Mental Health Casework Section

9th Floor, 1 Ruskin Square,
Dingwall Road,

Heads of Mental Health Casework Section: Helen Souter and Kathryn Nichol

Emergency out of hours

Call 0300 303 2079 if there is an emergency outside office hours (9:00am-5pm, Monday-Friday)

Contacting us

As of 3rd December 2018 all work will be allocated across the section, as it arrives. Patients will no longer be assigned a named case manager according to the patient’s surname. Any casework related e-mails (including to a named member of staff) should be sent to:

For all general casework queries please contact one of the numbers listed below:

  • 07812 760 274
  • 07812 760 523
  • 07812 760 356
  • 07812 760230

To urgently request recall please contact: 07812 760 248

These five numbers will be covered at all times between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If you do experience difficulties with making contact by telephone you may call the Ministry of Justice switchboard: 020 3334 3555

Reason for contact Email address
Conditional Discharge Reports
Tribunal Reports
Prison Transfers
Subject Access Requests, Training, Open sessions, bulk transfers, Freedom of Information requests
General enquiries
Hospital orders

Escalating concerns or queries

Seeking urgent attention for a prison transfer:

Any enquiries on under 19 year olds:

If you need to contact a manager (for example if contact via the general email addresses has not been successful, you wish to make a complaint, or you have a complex situation that needs to be escalated):

Team managers

Deputy Heads of Casework

Head of Extremism

Heads of Casework

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